Small cinema steps into the digital age

After Agnes Debaillie, the inspiration behind the legendary small Belgian Cinema De Keizer, passed away, the future of the cinema was uncertain. Fortunately, Flemish Vice-Premier Geert Bourgeois decided to add the longest running cinema in Belgium – founded in 1924 – to the list of cultural heritage. Seven locals thereupon invested in their favorite theater and so that it could reopen its doors to the public.

Barco installed its new DP2K-10Sx, a compact and fully integrated digital cinema projector designed specifically for small theaters, to ensure a bright future for this one-screen, unique cinema. “Barco’s new DP2K-10Sx digital cinema projector enables us to bring Cinema De Keizer into the digital age, while keeping the old era charm and character that is unique to our theater”, says Sofie Eeckeman, who will operate the cinema from now on.