Can corporate events get more immersive than this?

An immense 25m² cube featuring projection onto four walls and onto the ceiling: that is the impressive concept that event agency Global Events developed and which is leaving people in awe at corporate events. Thanks to six Barco FLM-HD20 projectors, one ultra-bright HDQ-2K40 projector and four Encore video processors, the cube fully surrounds the audience with crisp images, thus immersing them into a totally new world.

The cube got its première in October 2013, for the annual general convention of Ferrovial, the world’s leading private investor in transport infrastructure. Installed at the Palacio de Deportes sporting arena in Madrid, the cube truly made the world of Ferrovial come to life. The attendees felt as if they were driving on a motorway, visiting a train station in Poland or standing at an airport where a plane takes off. More than depicting the world of Ferrovial in a 360-degree projection, the cube also highlighted the dynamic and innovative image of the company to the its over 200 attending executives from around the world.

Highly appreciated as the cube was in Madrid, Global Events also used the 360-degree universe for an annual meeting of Renault concessionaries in Valladolid, a few months later. Here, too, the feedback was unanimously positive-or rather: raving.

First see, then believe? Click to see how the cube fully surrounds the audience, in the video.