With a well-balanced program comprising theatre, drama, circus, dance and musicals, the Canberra Theatre Centre in Australia deploys the finest marketing tools to draw a good crowd. The recent installation of a brand-new Barco LED wall and Infinipix™ NP100 image processor now allows the center to give passers-by an ultra-bright taste of what’s in store for the coming season.

In 1965, the Canberra Theatre Centre was the first government-backed performing arts center to open its doors in Australia. Over the past fifty years, the Centre has made a name for itself providing world-class performing arts and entertainment to the people of Canberra and the surrounding region.

“Located in the lively Civic Square on London Circuit, the façade of our center is a unique advertising asset”, says a spokesperson from the Canberra Theatre Centre. “Together with system integration partner Race-Tech, we were looking to capitalize on this visibility. However, we weren’t looking for just any old visualization solution. Performance was one aspect, but cost of installation and ownership were key factors as well.”

Race-Tech answered the call with a 15x8 T8 LED wall by Barco. “The new mechanical design of the Barco T8 makes it the simplest of installation systems we have come across”, Bill McLean, General Manager at Race-Tech Australia, adds. “This well-designed screen also provides the highest quality video presentation. Overall, a fabulous result!”

The lightweight modular LED panels boast excellent image quality combined with the widest of viewing angles. The revolutionary Infinipix™ image processor enables fully cloud-based content processing and transmission as well as automated diagnostics: a winning combination, bound to boost box office revenue.

About this project:

Application: Digital signage

Installation Date: 24 March 2015

Location: Canberra, Australia

Products: 15x8 T8 outdoor LED displays & Infinipix™ NP100 image processor

Partner: Race-Tech Australia (www.thebigscreencompany.com.au)