Barco’s Coronis Fusion series: a perfect match for a Center of Excellence

The Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt, CCHE, widely known as Hospital 57357, is the first and only specialized children’s cancer hospital in the Middle East and Africa and the largest in the world. Built in the heart of Cairo it was successfully launched in 2007 as a community charity hospital. In compliance with the international standards for pediatric oncology, the hospital has a capacity of 320 beds with an expansion capability to accommodate 350 beds. Established from a dream to reduce the mortality rate of Egypt’s young cancer patients, CCHE offers world-class treatment and research, thereby relying on the most competent professionals and the most advanced technology.

Help combat cancer
When CCHE decided to upgrade its PACS solution, it purchased 12 Barco diagnostic display systems from the Coronis Fusion series, including 10 Coronis Fusion 6MP and two Coronis Fusion 10MP systems.

Proven to increase productivity by up to 19% compared to a dual-head 3MP set-up, Coronis Fusion 6MP is Barco's flagship product, with thousands of units installed in over 70 countries worldwide. It helps the radiologists and clinicians at CCHE to see subtle details quicker, thus allowing for more accurate diagnosis. In this way, Barco helps the hospital achieve its mission: to prevent and combat cancer through applied research, smart education and quality healthcare.

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Barco solution

  • Coronis Fusion 10MP diagnostic display system
  • Coronis Fusion 6MP diagnostic display system

Why Barco? 

  • Increased productivity
  • Accurate images