By viewing PACS and images on a workstation, our radiologists can work more efficiently.

Dr. Essam El Shamma
Doctor at Corniche Hospital

Since 2007, the Abu Dhabi Health Services company (alias SEHA) has owned and operated the public hospitals and clinics in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Its mission: to ensure that every inhabitant of the Emirate has access to world-class healthcare. To achieve that objective, SEHA partners with internationally recognized healthcare leaders like Johns Hopkins Medicine and Cleveland Clinic and sees to it that all of its hospitals employ the best staff and use state-of-the-art technology. 

Barco is a household name at SEHA hospitals since 2010. In line with their high standards of care, SEHA hospitals significantly raised the bar of diagnostic imaging in 2015, by upgrading to Barco’s flagship Coronis Uniti® and a series of new Coronis Fusion 6MP display systems.

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Barco solution

  • Coronis Uniti diagnostic display system
  • Coronis Fusion 6MP diagnostic display system
  • MediCal QAWeb system

Why Barco?

  • Innovative strength
  • Versatility of the system
  • Viewing comfort