As an official projection provider for the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, Barco brought to life several key virtual reality and art installations at the New Frontier exhibition with its large venue projectors and presentation switchers. The world’s largest independent film festival also uses Barco digital cinema projectors in all 23 of its movie theater venues for official screenings.
“Innovation is something that New Frontier and the Sundance Film Festival continually seek out, with a strong desire to advance, evolve and always be on the leading edge,” comments Jamie McMurry, Producer and Designer for Sundance Film festival. “We feel that Barco shares that desire and is not only a committed partner in the industry, but also a collaborator in supporting artists and developers in the advancement of visual storytelling.”

Treachery of Sanctuary
The "Treachery of Sanctuary" by visionary technology artist Chris Milk is an impressive and large-scale blended, three-channel video installation, utilizing Barco’s HDX-W20 Flex projectors to deliver the clearest, brightest picture and highest resolution ever used to display the work.

Exhibits at the Claim Jumper
Festival producers also used Barco F50 projectors for The Leviathan Project, Double Conscience, and Inextinguishable Fire. When matched with the EN57 lens, the F50 front projected from an incredibly short distance, allowing better use of exhibit space and an ideal viewing experience, reducing the risk of visitors stepping into the projection beam.

The Holo-Cinema offered a rare look at the innovations in immersive entertainment being developed inside ILMxLAB—an advanced media lab and development group that is a collaboration between Lucasfilm Story Group, Industrial Light & Magic, and Skywalker Sound.