Barco and Kinepolis … it seems like a match made in heaven. We’ve been providing the European cinema leader with first-class cinema projectors since the early days of digital. When we launched our Flagship Laser projector in 2014, Kinepolis was one of the first exhibitors worldwide to screen movies in unequaled laser quality. And in August 2016, Kinepolis Group opened Europe’s very first all-laser cinema in Breda, the Netherlands.

Our customer satisfaction surveys show that visitors prefer laser-illuminated projection.

Vicky Vekemans
theater manager at Kinepolis Breda
The ten-screen Kinepolis Breda multiplex features one Barco Flagship Laser and nine Smart Laser projectors. “Visitor numbers have been exceeding our expectations since Day One, which is fantastic,” says Vicky Vekemans, theater manager.

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Barco solution

  • 1 x Barco Flagship Laser DP4K-60L
  • 5 x Barco Smart Laser DP2K-15CLP
  • 4 x Barco Smart Laser DP2K-20CLP

Why Barco?

  • Image quality
  • Energy savings

The image quality of the Flagship Laser projector is simply sublime.

Vicky Vekemans
theater manager at Kinepolis Breda