How Nipro virtually trained healthcare workers from 50+ countries at real-world healthcare standards

Mechelen, BE - 2022

Nipro is a leading global healthcare company serving the medical device, pharmaceutical, and pharma packaging industries and is committed to positive patient outcomes and improved quality of life. To highlight its commitment, Nipro built the Institute of Medical Practice (iMEP) in Mechelen, Belgium. In 2020, they installed a Barco weConnect virtual classroom to be able to train people worldwide at real-world healthcare standards.

Barco solutions

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  • Global reach
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Successful learning outcomes, interactively

Increasing reach while keeping healthcare-standard levels of accuracy

iMEP’s main challenge was successfully training nurses and doctors outside the Benelux region. For medical staff in many countries, it´s challenging to travel to Belgium for the training they desire, due to financial reasons, lengthy visa application processes or availability.

To ease access, iMEP were looking for real-life remote learning technology designed by and for trainers that would have the required impact in healthcare, where precision and accuracy are lifesaving.

This is where Barco stepped in, providing a 46-seat weConnect virtual classroom. Ben de Witte, Director iMEP Nipro Europe, states: ´Barco’s weConnect software fit our requirements. We are now able to reach more healthcare practitioners than ever.  Plus, our market has expanded - we now have students from countries we had never reached before.´

Our platform met the high requirements of the healthcare field by offering high levels of visual clarity via multiple video content streams and the possibility to connect additional devices such as GoPro cameras to show interventions in detail.

Furthermore, iMEP’s virtual classroom includes features that create an engaging environment such as polls, quizzes, online and in-class whiteboards, enhanced breakout rooms, etc. These elicit high attention levels and guarantee in-depth collaboration. ´Using weConnect, our online training courses offer meaningful interaction and live engagement, just like in an in-person classroom setting.´ Ben says.

Flexible setup to lead via hybrid and blended learning

The flexibility of the weConnect setup was also a deciding factor in the selection process. It gives iMEP the possibility to improve the reach of their training and meet learner demands for more customized and flexible learning. They can now easily host hybrid sessions by welcoming groups in the classroom next to the up to 46 remote participants.

Blended learning is also part of iMEP´s offering, with sessions entirely online or onsite along the course of a program. 'Many students are also joining our online classes as a pre-learning session before coming to Mechelen for in-person trainings.´ Ben elaborates.

Bright outcomes that are reducing carbon footprint

And what about the results? Annick Somers, Chief Marketing Officer states: ´It’s quite remarkable when we think about it. We have already hosted 185 virtual sessions, equaling 664 hours with weConnect. And this will only keep increasing, as more training content is in development.´ In just 1 year, iMEP trained over 1,500 nurses and doctors using weConnect in several languages: English, Dutch, French and more.

More than that, iMEPs sustainability goals have been achieved. The weConnect virtual classroom has contributed to carbon footprint reduction while keeping the top standards of their training.

Annick details: ´Think about it: e-training people from South Africa to the North of Europe, and from UK to Romania! This greatly contributes to our “going greener” commitment, while not compromising on the quality of our training activities. If we think that we have welcomed over 1,500 trainees from more than 50 countries virtually. We can easily state that we have saved on as many as 8 full flights, including long-haul flights.´

High-quality user experience for all stakeholders

Last but not least, how is the trainer and trainees´ experience with weConnect? Ben sheds some light: ´The feedback that we’ve received from participants of our virtual sessions is that they enjoy the rich and engaging experience. ´

Annick continues: ´We have witnessed great acceptance and very early adoption amongst our trainees. In a time when there is an abundant offering of webinars, our interactive way of teaching - thanks to the WeConnect system - truly makes a difference.´

Safe to say, IMEP has been able to delight all stakeholders with our engaging, powerful and hassle-free virtual classroom. weConnect enables trainers to deliver high-quality, impactful experiences while being easy to install and intuitive, requiring minimal guidance and support.

We were looking for a real-life remote learning technology that would have a big impact. Barco weConnect fit our requirements.

Ben de Witte, Director iMEP Nipro Europe