9 mei 2018

Cinionic wins 2018 Catalyst Award for Ultrahaptics interactive lobby posters

5 min om te lezen

Fueling the trend for innovation beyond the theater auditorium, Cinionic garnered a Catalyst Award from Digital Cinema Report for its technology collaboration with Ultrahaptics on the development of an interactive lobby display.

The award recognizes brand new solutions in the “event cinema” realm – offering fresh inspiration for a “different way of doing things,” as described in the Digital Cinema Report article published on May 9. Cinionic’s innovative digital movie posters – embedded with mid-air haptics and motion tracking technologies – empower exhibitors with a novel entertainment option for a media-savvy generation. Moviegoers experience a 3D mid-air thrill ride of sorts, engaging in game play and feeling sensations like static fields of electricity, bubbles and other phenomena without actually touching the surface of a screen. The possibilities for avatar-like gaming where patrons are actually in the story are limited only by the imaginations of the animation producers and the players themselves.