10 okt. 2019

Kinepolis and Cinionic collaborate on the future of cinema

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Last month, Kinepolis opened its first cinema complex in Île de France, in Brétigny-sur-Orge. All the rooms of the cinema complex are equipped with Barco laser projectors provided by Cinionic, the exclusive laser projection partner of Kinepolis. 

The next generation of cinema

With 10 theaters and 1,507 seats, the all-laser Kinepolis offers a new generation of moviegoing, combining the best of technology, comfort and innovation. The largest room of 310 seats is a Laser ULTRA theater, a Kinepolis concept that includes Barco’s 4K Smart Laser cinema projector to provide cinemagoers with a thrilling movie experience.


A long-term partnership

“We want our complexes to be ready for the future, and we know Cinionic is the ideal partner to help us achieve that goal. We have a long-standing and excellent relationship and are working together to bring laser to several of our complexes over the course of the next three years, sealing our exclusive partnership. By using Barco laser projectors, we are able to offer our visitors an image of superb brightness and definition – placing the viewer in the center of the action,” Eddy Duquenne, CEO of Kinepolis explains.