19 sep. 2023

How to expand your virtual hybrid classroom audience with interactive streaming

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Expand your audience and reach farther than ever thanks to our weConnect´s virtual and hybrid classroom brand-new interactive streaming feature.  

weConnect can now not only help you teach your student cohorts or train your global talent thanks to its virtual and hybrid classroom setups! You can also use it across the entire institution or organization for other initiatives such as webinars, townhall meetings, external and internal events.

What is interactive streaming?

Interactive streaming allows you to open your virtual or hybrid classroom to more people by giving you the possibility to add hundreds of participants that can follow the streaming of a live session. 

These users will not have a virtual seat on the participants’ wall by default, but they will be able to see the content shared by the host: camera, shared screen and whiteboard. They have access to a set of interactivity features, such as polls and chat.

You will also have the option to promote these viewers and add them to the wall participants so they can get the full weConnect experience by demoting one of the wall participants to the role of the viewer.

5 benefits interactive streaming will bring you  

1. Expand your audience. Reunite a larger audience than ever before, not limited to the wall of participants and scale your teaching and training programs.

2. Branch out into other areas and initiatives for broader and/or different audiences that will bring new business opportunities to your organization. With interactive streaming, you can now host webinars, townhall meetings, external and internal events.

3. Keep high levels of interaction. Viewers can answer polls which creates a dynamic and engaging environment, and they can use the chat to actively participate in discussions and provide valuable input.

4. Flexible and seamless switching from viewer to participant and back. Viewers can be moved by the instructor or moderator to the wall of participants when there are available seats and vice versa to experience all features of weConnect.  

5. Unified platform, intuitive experience. There is no need for third-party tools or external applications so the logistics will remain largely similar to your normal virtual hybrid classroom way of working.  

How will it make a difference for you as a business school?

In a business school, weConnect´s interactive streaming feature will do wonders when organizing:  

  • Webinars. Imagine conducting a series of webinars featuring industry experts and successful entrepreneurs and opening it to all your followers instead of only to your students and program participants.  

  • Taster sessions for your online or hybrid programs. Would you like to give potential students or program participants a clear picture of how your premium educational programs unfold? Interactive streaming will do it for you.  

  • Virtual or hybrid lectures. Thanks to interactive streaming, you can now deliver live online or hybrid lectures to hundreds or thousands of students, even across different departments and campuses. Interactive elements like polls and quizzes can be incorporated to gauge understanding and keep students engaged throughout the session.

  • Alumni events. Picture a hybrid event with faculty in the room, reps of alumni clubs on the wall, and (global) alumni students watching the stream, chatting and interacting.

How will it make a difference in your corporate organization?

weConnect can now not only help you train your global talent thanks to its virtual and hybrid classroom setups, but you can use it across the entire organization.  

Imagine a hybrid townhall meeting in your organization´s theater that reunites local employees and hosts with remote speakers and prominent participants that enjoy a fixed place on the screens for enhanced visibility and interactive presence.  

Now pair it with the possibility of streaming this premium experience to hundreds or thousands of global employees who can see and hear perfectly, connect and react to your presentation.  

What you get is an amazing and engaging experience that will transcend borders and bring your global workforce together.

About Barco´s premium virtual and hybrid classrooms

We have collaborated with leading business schools, L&D departments and training organizations to create a purpose-built platform for premium-quality teaching and training.   

Our weConnect virtual and hybrid classrooms will enable you to: 

  • Lead teaching or training programs for your students, customers or employees 
  • Host highly-interactive workshops in a rich, collaboration- and creativity-driven environment 
  • Bring learners from all over the world into a rich, collaborative experience without compromising on instruction quality, engagement and results.
  • Organize high-quality onboarding sessions to start off on the right foot with your new employees 
  • Engage and delight employees during virtual or hybrid all-hands meetings and events 
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