14 mei 2024

Poly I HP and ClickShare come together to improve the Employee Experience

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Creating a workplace that people want to spend time in, engage with, and benefit from, is one of the top challenges for an organization’s People team. People teams consist of cross-functional decision makers in IT, Human Resources and Facilities, focused on improving the day-to-day experience of all employees. As People teams have become more common over the last three years, so too has the concept of the Employee Experience (EX). 

A positive EX empowers individuals to work in the way that best suits them. To improve EX, organizations are updating offices and meeting spaces to allow for more flexibility. The resulting experience better enables users to work how they are most comfortable, shorting time to adoption and increasing engagement.  

A question remains for organizations after recognizing how to improve the daily experience of their people: what hardware and software solutions are going to make these improvements possible? Finding a vendor that can address all meeting spaces is a challenge, and even more so finding vendors who work seamlessly with each other to enable an entire organization. ClickShare created its certification program along with over 60 industry leading brands, to solve this challenge and ensure joint solutions that complement and enhance the employee experience.  

Professional grade collaboration: Poly X52 collaboration bar certified for ClickShare Conference   

As a ClickShare Premiere Partner, Poly I HP recognizes the need for collaboration among vendors and has invested countless hours alongside ClickShare to ensure that our shared solutions deliver a great experience.  

The latest example of this collaboration is the certification of the Poly I HP X52 all-in-one video collaboration bar in combination with ClickShare Conferencing devices. This new collaboration bar from Poly I HP features their latest architecture, with both hardware and software improvements over its predecessor, the X50.

The X52 is specifically engineered to handle the video conferencing and collaboration needs of mid-sized meeting rooms, including advanced features such as group, speaker, and people framing.  

The X52’s 4K 95-degree Horizonal Field of View (HFOV) camera, 20 feet of audio pick-up, and advanced audio-video capabilities ensure a great video conferencing experience for both in-room and remote participants.  

The combination of ClickShare CX-50 2nd generation wireless conferencing system and a Poly I HP X52 all-in-one video bar offers one of the best audio / video experiences available for Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) environments. The simplicity of a ClickShare device, operating within a Teams Room or Zoom Room environment, and leveraging Poly I HP’s expertise in audio / video hardware, delivers the most flexible integrated meeting room solution.  

Ultimate flexibility and control 

When combined with a ClickShare Conference CX-50 2nd gen, the Poly I HP X52 benefits from the power of automatic switching to deliver a seamless experience for both Bring-Your-Own-Meeting (BYOM) and Android-based room systems simultaneously.  

Through use of the HDMI ingest capabilities found on the Poly I HP X52, a ClickShare Conference CX-50 2nd gen provides the flexibility of a BYOM meeting space, even in a Teams Room or Zoom Room environment.  

By complementing the room system, ClickShare Conference takes control of the X52 and in-room display for ad hoc sharing of content, content-sharing within ongoing Microsoft Teams Room and Zoom Room meetings, and leverages the X52 to host a meeting with any video conferencing platform. When not leveraging ClickShare for one of these three purposes, the X52 operates within the Teams Room or Zoom Room environment. 

Delivering a great employee experience  

The best way to meet the needs of today’s workforce is to provide technology that adheres to IT policy, while retaining as much flexibility as possible. In many cases, this means an IT-managed and monitored space with the flexibility to allow guests to host meetings on any videoconferencing platform.  

Though the X52 and ClickShare Conference are best suited to medium-sized meeting rooms, Poly I HP’s device portfolio means there’s a certified solution for small and large rooms too. By standardizing around the same experience across all meeting rooms, training is reduced, time to adoption is minimized, and engagement increases. The X52 from Poly I HP is a great device to include in simple, scalable deployments in conjunction with ClickShare Conference, as the resulting solution will make people love meeting.  

Global Strategic Alliance Lead, Meeting Experience

Dan Root leads ClickShare’s Global Strategic Alliances, managing ecosystem partnerships in addition to assessing market innovations and disruptors for future product development. Joining Barco with over 10 years of experience in enterprise communications and collaboration technologies, Dan’s prior experiences includes senior analyst at Wainhouse Research, director of market research and strategy at Bluescape, and regional manager for Yamaha UC.