Apr 17, 2015

Helping Cinemuzee revive cinema memories

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Sure, Barco is a frontrunner in digital cinema technology. But we’re cinephiles too, so we love to look back at the era of sumptuously decorated theaters with plush red velvet seats and patterned carpets, and old-school movie projectors. That’s why we were so happy to donate a Barco projector to Cinemuzee’s small cinema museum.

A history of projection

Cinemuzee is a Belgian non-profit organization that restores old movie projectors and accessories to give them a second life in the cinema environment. The organization’s flagship project is a small cinema museum set up in the fully-equipped projection booth of the Roma, a historic cinema in Borgerhout (Antwerp) that opened in 1928 and closed its doors in 1982. The museum hosts a series of authentic projectors that show visitors how films were projected back in the day. “Our oldest available projector is a slide projector dating back to the 1930s. The difference with the Barco DP2K digital cinema projector we’ve got on show in front of the projection booth is huge. It illustrates how projection has developed over the years,” says Ivo Segers of Cinemuzee.

The Roma (www.deroma.be), which is still used for music concerts and other shows, opens the refurbished projection booth doors on special occasions. Do you want to delve into the history of cinema? Send an email to INFO@CINEMUZEE.BE to ask for a visit.

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