Nov 22, 2018

Britney Spears shows unveiled at massive Las Vegas projection mapping

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Oops, she’s doing it again. Next February, Britney Spears will be hosting a number of shows at the Park MGM hotel in Las Vegas. So the organizers decided to announce it in a big way, bringing in the US firm PaintScaping to produce what was probably the largest projection mapping the US has ever seen. The giant announcement was projected from October 18-25 across the façade of the Park MGM, a “canvas” of over 160 meters wide and 26 storeys high.

In all, 28 Barco UDX 32K projectors – some 900,000 lumens - were used for the massive show. Philippe Bergeron is president and co-founder of PaintScaping. In a video posted to YouTube, he explained that, “One of the greatest challenges was installing it, making sure that it was seamless and one image rather than a series of smaller images.” 

This is a challenge all proAV professionals can relate to, and one Barco takes to heart with its mapping projectors.

The projectors were supplied by Nationwide Video.

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