Feb 23, 2021

ClickShare Conference kicks off 2021 with the Frost & Sullivan Market Leadership Award

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A prestigious award by Frost & Sullivan, what a way to start the year for ClickShare Conference! This recognition firmly underlines the innovative character of our products and our consolidated leadership position in the market. Helping our customers thrive in the new hybrid workplace with high-end collaborative solutions and keeping ahead, that’s what we are all about.

“Barco is committed to incorporating leading-edge technologies into product offerings to enhance product performance and value.” - Robert Arnold, Principal Analyst

When numbers and facts speak

Frost & Sullivan’s global team of experts identifies companies that achieve the greatest market share resulting from outstanding performance, products and services. These companies consistently develop new growth strategies based on a visionary understanding of the future and effectively explore new challenges and opportunities. After deep diving into our best practices and analytics, Frost & Sullivan awarded ClickShare with “The Best Practices Market Leadership Award” in the wireless content sharing industry.

Robert Arnold, Principal Analyst at Frost & Sullivan has the numbers to prove it: “Frost & Sullivan recognizes Barco as the clear market-share leader in terms of both unit sales and revenues. To remain in the pole position, Barco has demonstrated an ability to consistently identify, prioritize and address emerging growth opportunities.”


The customer always comes first

The new ClickShare Conference line, launched at ISE in early 2020, is unique in the market. While there are now only few wired and wireless alternatives to ClickShare that strive to enable BYOM, Frost & Sullivan marked Barco as once again the first to market to offer a broader range of options than others can provide. The award report anticipates success in a number of scenarios: in meeting rooms not budgeted for full integration with conferencing services; in environments where access to multiple conference services is required; and in organizations that do not wish to lock into a single conferencing service.

“We’re honoured to get the recognition of Frost & Sullivan for ClickShare as true innovator in the fiercely competitive wireless collaboration market. Always putting the needs of our customers first, we’ve designed a range of collaborative solutions that are easy, seamless and simple to implement and use. In a challenging 2020 we brought the right product to the workplace and introduced ClickShare Conference to make hybrid working and meeting truly better,” says Wim De Bruyne, VP Meeting Experience.

To conclude, the Frost & Sullivan experts were convinced: “As a trailblazer in the wireless content sharing space with a model of sustainable success, Barco ClickShare is the de-facto standard that many competing products attempt to emulate.”

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