Barco Synergi

Software for clinical collaboration

  • Discuss patient cases more efficiently
  • Streamline reporting & follow-up
  • Enhance focus on cancer care

Over Barco Synergi

Optimal treatment outcomes

A successful Tumor Board or Multi-Disciplinary Team meeting depends on more than bringing cancer specialists together. Keeping everyone focused with simultaneous access to patient data, images, and clinical case information is the key to engagement.

The vendor-neutral Barco Synergi™ platform simplifies preparation for Tumor Board or MDT meetings, increases collaboration, and expedites follow-up procedures. With greater flexibility and fewer administrative tasks, clinical teams can efficiently review more patient cases.

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We believe Synergi will lead to not only a significant improvement in the efficiency of the MDT meetings, but also a significant reduction in the time between referral of the patient and commencement of treatment. This tool also records and analyzes meeting performance and outcomes in real time, enabling us to identify service improvements rapidly.

- Dr. Nick Maynard, Cancer Lead, Oxford University Hospitals, NHS UK

3 ways Synergi streamlines meetings



Efficient preparation
Continuous access to relevant patient data from Electronic Health Records (EHR), PACS and other systems helps teams assess case complexity, have informed discussions and make flexible plans.

Seamless experience
Enhance clinical decisions via seamless access to radiology findings, pathology reports, and other resources. Content is formatted for optimal viewing across all connected devices, for remote and local participants.

Prompt follow-up
Coordinate sign-off procedures digitally through the EHR to reduce patient wait times. Audit and digital records show attendance for future decision reviews.

Barco Synergi

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