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Over CLM-HD6

Barco’s CLM-HD6 projector is designed on an efficient hardware platform. It offers a 6,000 lumens light output, full HD resolution and advanced input options at a highly competitive price. It is primarily designed for meeting rooms, medium-sized auditoriums, lobbies and museums.

Improved colors

The CLM-HD6 is a single-chip DLP projector with advanced color saturation and a full HD resolution. The projector’s resolution and 6,000 lumens light output are ideal for single-screen applications that require a clear image and need to feature modern, high-definition images and video without quality loss.

Bright, silent and reliable

The CLM-HD6 is an attractive option for customers that want to project in bright HD and need the best quality guarantee at the most comfortable price. Due to its power-saving options, redundant lamp system and durable, proven technology, the CLM also offers a low total cost of ownership. If you want a reliable, bright and silent unit that does the job, the CLM-HD6 was designed for you.

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