Environmental exhaust kit

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The environmental exhaust kit offers an easy and low-cost solution to reduce heat emission and noise. Our custom-made airduct snaps easily on to the ventilation grid of the projector and can be installed in a limited time frame.

The environmental exhaust kit comes complete with the airduct, a 2m/125mm (5”) flexible pipe, clamp and screw for easy installation. It is delivered in a black or white finish to match the projector housing.


  • Reduced noise level
  • No heat emission
  • Low cost
  • Easy fit


  • Fits all F32, F35, FL32, FL35, FS33 and FS35 projectors
  • Available with black or white finish
  • Includes airduct, 2m/125mm (5”) flexible pipe, clamp and screw

Environmental exhaust kit

White exhaust kit
Black exhaust kit

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