Live support for weConnect

Deliver stunning virtual events with weConnect live support

  • Stay focused on your audience 
  • Create a lasting positive impact
  • Leverage the full potential of weConnect for your event

Over Live support for weConnect

Stay focused on the message and on the interaction with your audience while our weConnect live support team handles all practical aspects in the background, either fully remote or on-site during the event. We can help you:

Before the event

  • General alignment with your team, advice on best practices and overview of available weConnect features
  • Event scheduling and enrollment options
  • Rehearsal support (1-hour)

During the event

  • Start the meeting, load presentation, verify audio/video parameters, set-up recording, make sure presenters join successfully
  • Run polls, manage Q&A and chat
  • Answer technical questions and make sure the event runs flawlessly
  • Event scheduling and enrollment options
  • Rehearsal support (1-hour)

After the event

  • Provide attendance report, Q&A summary and polling results
  • Provide recording in preferred format
  • Event scheduling and enrollment options
  • Rehearsal support (1-hour)


Some service offerings may not be available in all regions. For availability of services in your country, please check with your Barco Sales representative

Live support for weConnect

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