Eonis 24" (MDRC-2224, Option WH)

24" clinical display

  • Ideal for image-enabled EMR
  • Full control of the entire display fleet
  • Low TCO

Over Eonis 24" (MDRC-2224, Option WH)

Perfect for EMR

Eonis comes with beautiful and consistent image quality. Combined with its 16:10 aspect ratio, it is the perfect display for viewing image-enabled electronic medical records. Thanks to advanced IPS technology, images can be viewed from many angles without distortions.

The display can be used in a variety of settings where patient safety is of vital importance. Eonis can be installed on carts, in ward rooms, patient rooms, or nursing stations.

Control every display

Eonis 24" comes with Barco's online MediCal QAWeb service for automated QA, calibration and asset management. The software works together with the front consistency sensor to safeguard the quality of the display every time it is switched on. Display parameters are continuously monitored through automated checks and notifications.

The software also allows you to manage (and trace) the entire display fleet remotely so you can keep the entire install base in line with central QA policies. 

Value for money

Barco's Eonis display, including software, can be installed in no less than 15 minutes. Automated problem-solving leads to fewer interventions, freeing up time and resources. In addition, the display usage is tracked so the lifetime of each display can be optimized. This is how you get the most out of your investment.

  • Cleared for medical use
  • Color display
  • Compliant with DICOM specifications
  • ultra-wide viewing angle: clearly visible image from nearly all angles
  • Long lifetime LED technology
  • Usable in portrait and
landscape mode
  • MediCal QA software
  • Front-of-screen consistency sensor to automatically align image quality
  • WUXGA resolution

Eonis 24" (MDRC-2224, Option WH)

Eonis 24" WH
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