SLM R12+ Performer

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Over SLM R12+ Performer

Barco's SLM R12+ offers the unique quality of three-chip DLP colors and a very bright 12,000 lumens light output at a sharp price-to-quality ratio. The SLM's track record of reliability and consistent performance in large venues speak volumes about its capabilities.

Powerful large-screen projection

The SLM R12+ projector is an ideal companion for large-screen. Its bright light output makes it suitable to operate even in rooms with lots of other light sources, so that the SLM doesn't require you to change lighting settings whenever you turn it on.

Long system lifetime

Barco's SLM R12+ comes equipped with optimized dust filters. This keeps its optical engine clean and uncontaminated, and ensures the sharp image you need - the SLM's image quality is always no less than impeccable.

  • the light output of a projector or light, measured in lumens
  • this projector is a three-chip DLP projector
  • designed to withstand the most severe conditions


Powerful performance

  • Up to 12,000 ANSI lumens - 13,500 Center lumens
  • High-contrast level 1600:1 (up to 2000:1 in High Contrast Mode)
  • Dust filters to reduce the sensitivity to dust
  • Exceptional video performance
  • Seamless source switching and transition effects
  • Linked CLO (Constant Light Output) matches brightness levels of SLM projectors in multiple-screen setups

    Compact size

  • The smallest high brightness large venue projector in its class

    Extreme versatility

  • Wide range of analog and digital inputs
  • A choice of motorized ‘click and play’ lenses
  • High-Contrast Mode: trade-off between brightness and contrast, depending on your application
  • ScenergiX standard horizontal and vertical electronic edge blending
  • Universal lamp house

    Easy to maintain

  • Modular design with swappable parts
  • Remote control and diagnostics through optional network interface

    Low cost of ownership

  • High resistance against external contamination
  • Extended lamp warranty (universal lamp house)

  • SLM R12+ Performer

    SLM R12+ Performer
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