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Over PresentSense

What if your devices knew exactly which room you walked into, and which wePresent screens you wanted to use?

PresentSense is an intelligent USB Bluetooth accessory that allows any wePresent unit the ability to sense when a user is near, for a faster and simpler connection experience.

Simple and Quick Connections for Presenters

Using PresentSense is simple; first connect PresentSense to the wePresent unit via USB. Once connected wePresent automatically detects its Bluetooth signal and prompts connection. Users can now quickly and easily connect via WiFi or LAN connections. Have a meeting on the first floor in the morning and training later in the day on the fifth floor? As your device moves throughout the meeting or learning environment, PresentSense updates allow a quick connection to the closest unit to you. PresentSense makes the change from unit to unit for you so you can focus on what really matters: effective presentations to inspire interaction and collaboration.

PresentSense: an easier and faster way to connect to wePresent presentation solutions.

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