XDS Control Center

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Over XDS Control Center

Barco’s XDS Control Center software suite is a Windows-based multi-windowing tool that helps projectors and projection systems achieve a greater degree of interactivity, connectivity and ease of use. The XDS Control Center effectively turns a projection system connected to multiple sources into a large-screen collaboration canvas. It even allows for 2D and 3D stereo sources to be displayed at the same time, which no other visualization software can currently claim.

The perfect fit for all markets

The XDS Control Center brings many advantages to markets and applications in which real-time interactivity and simultaneous display of data are important. This benefits cross-analysis of geophysical data in the oil and gas industry, global collaboration on automotive designs, remote teaching and distance learning in higher education, or decision-making in corporate and political environments.

Same look and feel for each display system

Barco’s XDS Control Center software can either be installed on a computer linked to a single- or two-channel display system, or on Barco’s award-winning XDS-1000 display management system. The result for the end user will be the same: a widescreen Windows desktop with all sources displayed simultaneously, in fully reconfigurable windows. Data and video can be shared in real time and edited on the fly, while the XDS Control Center’s extensive network applications allow multi-disciplinary team collaboration. Content transfer is always password protected and encrypted to safeguard your sensitive operations.

Modular solution

This multi-windowing software suite consists of various modules. The most important of these is the XDS Control Center, which forms the basis for all other modules that offer a wide range of connectivity and interactivity options that help you get the maximum out of your display system.

XDS Control Center

XDS Control Center

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