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Barco’s canvas is the first Virtual Reality (VR) solution designed for meeting rooms. Consisting out of 3 projection surfaces, with each wall angled at 135 degrees, the canvas has a large screen surface that can be used both for regular meetings, for interactive group VR sessions using regular see-through 3D glasses, or a mixed mode that feature both 2D and 3D imagery. In this way, the canvas is one investment that suits 3 purposes. 

The canvas brings together many of Barco’s unique strengths. The combination of the famous image quality of our projectors and the superb performance of our light-weight RigiFlex screens brings both 2D and 3D imagery to life in the most optimal way. There are four possible configurations using either the UDM projectors, the F80 projectors or the F70 projectors. 

Furthermore, Barco’s renowned E2 VR image processing combined with ClickShare allow to arrange your data in the most optimal way to support your various workflows; all with a simple click of a button.

Barco’s canvas delivers great outcomes in many different markets. In AEC it helps your sales team to sell more and convince customers. During your project execution it allows to get better insight during project meetings, allowing to meet budget and time. Oil & Gas companies can talk about new locations on a map, depict expected production tables and evaluate the technical drilling angles in 3D. And in Automotive, executives can both evaluate the new car designs and go through all other aspects of the model’s introduction.

But also other industries can benefit from the canvas... the possibilities are nearly limitless!

Customer reference

Barco 3D visualization speeds up decisions for Swiss real estate customersBarco 3D visualization speeds up decisions for Swiss real estate customers

The Canvas display in Zug is a more multi-purpose display that is used throughout the customer journey, from planning to development, and from pitching to the investment committee to sales and final material selection.

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