Medical device & QA management where to buy?



Radiologists, pathologists and physicians need superior image quality with reliable, worry-free calibration and quality assurance to make confident decisions. Our unique online service for intervention-free calibration helps show consistent images on PACS displays, and automatically supported color management within digital pathology viewing software using ICC profiles. It is your guarantee for consistent performance at all times, no matter where you are.

QAWeb Enterprise or Medical QAWeb: which one is right for me?

Both QAWeb Enterprise and Medical QAWeb are currently available solutions.

Continuing to use Medical QAWeb or using it for new installations, is recommended in the following situations:

  • If QAWeb Enterprise is not yet available in your region (pending regulatory /medical device clearance). To check this, navigate to the sign-up page and look for your country from the organization details: only approved countries are selectable.
  • If you only require workstation-level calibration and QA solution without centralized management and reporting. In that case, only install the Medical QAWeb agent (without installing the Medical QAWeb Relay server and registering to the QAWeb service).
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