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Large scale visualization, decision-making and planning

By visualizing construction sites or buildings in virtual reality, architects, engineers and other stakeholders can evaluate a project before it is built. This enables them to take well-founded decisions internally and externally without wasting time and budget.

Not only the looks, but also technical master plans (like HVAC and building materials) can continuously be simulated, evaluated, validated and improved. Projects designed in this way are not only better thought-through, but also advance a lot faster than traditional projects.

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Your eye in the sky

Optimized management

The Barco WallConnect Cloud platform allows you to get rid of time-consuming and error-prone manual administration thanks to the automatic cloud-based storage of video walls usage data and their critical operational parameters (brightness, temperature, settings …). Its live dashboard gives real-time information on the operating conditions of the video walls allowing you to manage in the most efficient way.

Get notified

Diagnose and solve issues before they turn into failures thanks to the e-mail warning notifications. You have all the tools for more effective and prompt remote assistance.

Security and privacy by design

The state-of-the-art security ensures complete data protection. The WallConnect Cloud Platform has been designed with security as a top priority throughout its full lifetime. Extensive threat modelling, setting security baseline requirements, vulnerability management and penetration testing all contribute in making WallConnect Cloud a highly secure solution for remote large video wall management. Thanks to the encrypted communication and turn off connectivity at any moment in the device settings.

The WallConnect Cloud Platform is based on Microsoft Azure cloud technology.

Plug and play

You can access the WallConnect Cloud platform on any device with internet access, whether it’s your laptop, mobile phone or tablet. The WallConnect Cloud data can also easily be combined with your own tools and processes using APIs.


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