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Optimizing the responsiveness of emergency services

When disaster strikes, your emergency operations center (EOCs) needs advanced visualization tools to assess the nature and severity of the hazard. At the same time, you need innovative control room technology to analyze the risk and steer response teams in the field. Barco’s visualization and collaboration solutions for EOCs enable emergency operators and decision-makers to maintain a clear overview and support critical decisions in moments of high emergency.


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Streamline emergency response

Operator in an emergency operations center

Whether you want to support medical emergencies, law enforcement, firefighting or federal emergency services, you need a visualization system you can trust. Barco’s visualization and collaboration solutions help emergency operators and decision-makers to make critical decisions based on images that remain accurate and truthful all day. Depending on the size and needs of your operations, Barco can offer you a cost-effective LCD, LED or rear-projection video wall that will serve you for many years.


Respond and resolve faster

Emergency services on call

Effective emergency response totally depends on how well the information is presented to you. Barco’s visualization solutions make it possible to collect and display all relevant incident information in real time in a workspace that is tailored to your needs as an operator. You can access all information, even from disparate secured networks, with a single keyboard and mouse. This allows you to process information and respond to incidents much faster.

Collaborate in and out of your control room

Barco makes it easy to safely share video and data among operators, decision-makers and first responders. Whether you need to consult with remote decision-makers or communicate with your response teams in the field, Barco visualization and collaboration solutions will help you to quickly obtain the situational information you need.

Barco’s media distribution platform is network-centric, industry compliant and has an open interface. The system is flexible, scalable and modular, and will operate for many years. Barco also makes it easy to insert new or third-party technology when needed.


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