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Seeing is believing. That's the value of experience centers. And so smart companies are relying on creative experiences to make guests connect and interact with their brand in an educative, yet also entertaining, way. They know the power of remarkable story-telling and stunning content. Lifting the entire customer journey to a higher level.

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Show, don't tell

The experience center visit is an important phase in the customer's buying journey. Think of your facilities as the ultimate brand spokesperson, potentially converting inspired visitors into actual customers, but also educating and training existing partners on the latest updates in your portfolio.

Show don't tell. That remains the key to leave a lasting impression.

Only the best

Your brand deserves only the best. Your experience center deserves state-of-the-art technology to support your creativity from vision to execution. Only the most reliable technology and sustainable solutions can fittingly showcase your professionalism every day again, while also ensuring the lowest levels of maintenance. Versatile products allow you to transform and adapt your venue in a personalized story-telling canvas. 

With Barco's visualization and processing portfolio you choose quality, consistency and flexibility. We let your products shine in inspiring and engaging customer journeys. 

Visualization in all its facets

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