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20 kwi 2023

National Amusements moves to laser in partnership with Cinionic

Showcasing the best in cinema experiences with Barco laser projection and media servers in the US & UK

KORTRIJK, Belgium (April 19, 2023) – Cinionic, a Barco company and the leader in laser cinema, announces a 5-year preferred partnership with National Amusements to bring Laser Projection by Cinionic to the circuit’s theaters around the world. Cinionic will renew the chain’s fleet of projection technology, gradually replacing legacy xenon equipment with state-of-the-art Barco laser solutions and integrated Barco Alchemy ICMP media servers. The partnership extends to marketing, with joint messaging about the benefits of Laser Projection by Cinionic to moviegoers in more than 500 National Amusements auditoriums.

National Amusements is a true global circuit with more than 840 screens, including nearly 330 in the U.S., 227 in the U.K., and over 310 in Latin America. The partnership with Cinionic reaches a big portion of their moviegoers, bringing laser-powered entertainment with bright, high-quality onscreen images to more audiences than ever before. For National Amusements, the move to Laser Projection by Cinionic also signals a clear commitment to their sustainability goals by lowering energy costs, decreasing carbon footprint, and increasing operational efficiency.

“We are excited to partner with Cinionic to bring laser projection to our moviegoers worldwide,” says Duncan Short, SVP Operations, National Amusements. “Cinionic has proven to be a valuable and trusted resource over the past few years, enabling us to bring the best moviegoing experiences to our guests. We look forward to expanding our work together and are proud to be part of a better, more sustainable future for cinema.”

The partnership comes after Cinionic leveraged the power of laser projection in a series of successful projects for National Amusements in Latin America and at the all-laser flagship site, Showcase Cinema de Lux at Legacy Place near Boston, featuring the company’s premium large format solution.

“Since the launch of digital cinema, we have worked hand-in-hand with partners like National Amusements to co-create and develop comprehensive cinema solutions that capture the imagination of moviegoers and improve efficiency for exhibition,” added Wim Buyens, CEO, Cinionic. “By focusing on the needs of theaters and audiences, coupled with a global perspective, we are proud to bring the laser difference to more screens than ever before.”

Cinionic is providing a fully integrated cinema technology solution for National Amusements that includes the award-winning Barco laser projection and Barco Alchemy media servers. Cinionic’s extended warranty option delivers additional peace of mind with 10 years of support and service from the company’s worldwide network of certified cinema experts.

Cinionic first introduced laser projection for cinema in 2014. Today, it is the projection partner of choice for the world’s top theater circuits, leading the transition to laser cinema with over 30,000 units deployed.


About National Amusements’ Showcase Cinemas

Showcase Cinemas is a world leader in the motion picture exhibition industry, operating more than 840 movie screens in the U.S., U.K., Argentina and Brazil under the Showcase, Cinema de Lux, SuperLux and UCI brands. With 23 theater locations in the United States, Showcase Cinemas delivers the finest entertainment experience, offering the best in viewing, comfort and dining. For more information about Showcase Cinemas please visit our website at

About Cinionic

Founded in 2018 as the Barco cinema joint-venture, Cinionic unites global leaders committed to creating a new visual standard and moving the cinema industry forward. Cinionic’s future-ready enhanced services and technology solutions provide compelling cinema experiences. The company’s world-class technology portfolio includes award-winning laser projectors, HDR, integrated media servers, and premium cinema experiences, among other innovations.

With more than 100,000 projectors installed globally, Cinionic is trusted by more than 200 exhibitors to help capture audiences at multiple touchpoints in their cinema journey and keep them coming back for more. Today, more than half of the world’s movie theaters are illuminated by Cinionic.

Cinionic has offices in Belgium, United States, Mexico, Australia, and Hong Kong.

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