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Barco and Korbyt Alliance partnership

Engage employees with relevant digital signage messages 

Reaching employees and visitors with the right message at the right time has become increasingly challenging in today’s hybrid workplace. Thanks to ClickShare and Korbyt Anywhere, you can now use every available screen in a ClickShare-equipped meeting room as a digital signage opportunity to maximize reach and engage with people. When it’s not used for presenting, your meeting room screen can now be used to display targeted content that informs and activates employees.


Combining ClickShare and the Korbyt Anywhere platform is a great way to maximize the return on investment of your meeting room technology. With no additional need for a separate media player, you can use ClickShare as an enterprise-grade digital signage player to impress, inspire and inform meeting room visitors through the meeting room displays across your facility. 

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Benefits of Barco and Korbyt in the workplace

Increase visitor engagement with relevant and timely messages

While your employees are everywhere nowadays – at home and in the office – it becomes harder to reach them with focused and timely messages. With Korbyt Anywhere integrated into your ClickShare room system, you can easily display targeted content and information with easy-to-use pre-exiting templates or custom layouts that support  communications like:

  • Announcements
  • Leadership messages
  • Employee & team spotlights
  • Safety and emergency messages
  • Invitations to social or corporate events
  • Welcome messages to new employees or guests
  • Weather, news or stock data feeds
  • Company dashboards
  • Microsoft Exchange or Google calendar information
  • Room scheduling functionality through a QR code on the screen

Maximize the ROI of your meeting room

Without the need to invest in additional screens or an additional media player, Korbyt Anywhere and ClickShare now make it possible to turn your wireless conferencing room system into a digital signage platform. Now your meeting room displays can be used for presenting and conferencing, but also double up as digital signage content management tools.  

Use your ClickShare room system and Korbyt Anywhere to extend digital signage comunications across the workplace. You can simply start by offering basic digital signage at one location, and easily scale your digital signage capabilities across the facility when needed.

Easy to use and manage

The Korbyt Anywhere platform and ClickShare room system make a powerful combination. Content authors can take full control over their media and easily create branded communications from pre-existing templates or create custom layouts. They can publish their content to any ClickShare-equipped meeting room, regardless of screen size or configuration.  

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