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All you need to know about the hybrid meeting room ecosystem

Let’s introduce the hybrid meeting room, built around a well-balanced meeting room ecosystem. It’s the place where employees come together, no matter where they are. Where different tech solutions work seamless together, smoothen the connection between people and allow for an optimal collaborative experience for all.

The essentials


A good display is crucial, as it is the way to connect remote & in-office participants.

Video peripheral

Everyone can see one another perfectly thanks to a qualitative video peripheral. It keeps everyone focused on the conversation & collaboration.

Audio peripheral

High quality audio in your meeting room ecosystem makes sure all participants feel connected, as they can hear each other clearly without interruptions.

UC & C platform

Unified Communication & Collaboration platforms make it easy for anyone to schedule a meeting, invite others and start the videocall from their own laptop.

Productivity & control

These tools for user or IT manager optimize & manage the meeting room experience and ensure effective collaboration (e.g. digital signage). 

Content sharing

Easily sharing content in a meeting is essential to the workflow and productivity of each meeting. ClickShare provides you a seamless & wireless content sharing experience. 

Meet the ClickShare ecosystem

At Barco, we love to work with other like-minded brands, so we can offer customers a complete meeting room ecosystem for any meeting room. 

Because great things happen, when partners click!


- Yannic Laleeuwe
Segment Marketing Director Workplace

Are my devices compatible with ClickShare?

ClickShare is a tech-agnostic, wireless room system: it works with any device (laptop, tablet, smartphone), any UC&C platform (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex, …) and has the widest compatibility with different solutions in the market. So, it's very likely that your existing or desired solutions are compatible with ClickShare.

Do the quick check below or check our database of compatible AV solutions

3 configurations are possible

Pay attention if:

You want to connect multiple devices?


Connect your devices via USB switch. Make sure only 1 camera and 1 speakerphone are active at any point in time.

Your device requires more power?


Connect your device with a USB-C or via a powered USB hub.

You have an HDMI camera?


Use a HDMI to USB converter to connect your camera.

We don’t support:

  • Separate microphone and speaker (even when connected via USB)
  • Microphone in camera or in display (without being part of a speakerphone)
  • Audio over HDMI when speakerphone connected

What's my ideal meeting room ecosystem?

ClickShare, the agnostic, wireless room system, ties your meeting room ecosystem together. It connects all devices wirelessly and enables simple, one-click collaboration. Smart meeting flows enable intuitive, stress-free meetings and with digital signage options you boost the ROI of your meeting technology. Below you’ll find some ideal setups what might suit best for you. Want to deepdive into this matter? Check how to equip a hybrid meeting room.

We work in close partnership with an ever-growing community of alliance partners around the world. Discover the compatible & in-depth tested brands and vendors of meeting room solutions with which ClickShare is collaborating.

View validated partner solutions

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