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How to share with ClickShare Button

Article number: [2898] - Legacy code: [KB6374]

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To use a ClickShare Button you should follow these steps:

  1. Plug in the Button into your laptop.
  2. Open the ClickShare App or client in explorer or finder.
    When the Button changes to static white it is ready to share.
    ClickShare client will take the first available drive letter.
  3. Click the Button.
    The Button changes to static red and your screen is shared.


On recent Windows 10 devices and Base Units with firmware above 1.8, the ClickShare App will launch automatically. Alternatively, you could also install the ClickShare Launcher or App on your Desktop. More information can be found in Do I need to install any software or an app on my PC or Mac to use ClickShare?.


After frequent use, it's possible to see a black screen or the wallpaper when you start sharing. This issue is fixed in the ClickShare firmware version


Last updated Nov 16 2022

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