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Why is my ClickShare Button not working when I plug it into my laptop?

Article number: [4349] - Legacy code: [KB1278]

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First time using ClickShare?

To start sharing with ClickShare, the software on the ClickShare Button needs to be started. This can happen automatically (see [KB1197] for more information and tips & tricks for the different options to start up your ClickShare Button) or manually. To start manually, you have to start the application on the ClickShare USB Drive. See [KB1269].

In some companies, the IT policy built into laptops prevents the use of ClickShare. This can manifest itself in two different ways:

  • When the USB port is blocked, the Button does not start blinking when plugged into the laptop and no ClickShare drive appears in "My Computer" (Windows) or "Finder" (Mac).
  • When no applications can be launched from a mass storage device the operating system shows an error message explaining that the program cannot be started when you double click on the application. 

However, you can still use the system in one of the following ways:

  • You can download and install the ClickShare App here ( The ClickShare app can be used with the Button, even when the ports are blocked, but can also be used to share to the meeting room screen without Button. No admin rights are required to install the ClickShare App. 
  • Depending on the ClickShare model in the room, you can also use Google Cast, Airplay, Miracast, or an HDMI cable to share to the screen.

These security measures are usually controlled by your IT department and can be changed at your request. Once your IT department has approved the product, security settings can be updated accordingly and the product can be used.

More information and tips & tricks for the different options to start up your ClickShare Button (automatically) can be found in [KB1197]!


See [KB11117] to whitelist the ClickShare Button via Group Policy Object (GPO).


The document ClickShare Button and Client specifications contain the information needed to whitelist the ClickShare USB Buttons. You need myBarco login to view this document or contact your ClickShare partner or dealer for the acquisition of this document.


Please be aware there is an outdated hardware version of the ClickShare button in circulation, which is no longer compatible with recent firmware versions. For more information, please see [KB9639].


After frequent use, it's possible to see a black screen or the wallpaper when you start sharing. This issue is fixed in the ClickShare firmware version


Last updated Jun 14 2022

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