PSA Finance, the finance provider for the Peugeot, Citroën and DS car brands has over 45 years of experience in car finance and insurance products. When PSA Finance opened a new technologically advanced head office in Surrey, it approached Barco to help transform its meeting room experience technology with ClickShare.

ClickShare is changing the meeting culture at PSA Finance. Teams are now having far more efficient and effective meetings

Alex Mayor
Technical Services Manager at PSA Finance
PSA Finance wanted to tackle the many IT tickets related to meeting room issues with projectors and reduce the difficulties to get meetings started. They were looking for a uniform and easy-to-use meeting solution to help facilitate collaboration and interactivity for their 260 employees and guests. They preferred ClickShare because it would embed the principles of collaboration, communication and connectivity into the heart of the meeting spaces in the new PSA Finance headquarters – creating environments where teams can share information quickly and easily, without being hindered by technical issues.

Effortless presentations
The finance company’s purpose-built new headquarters in Redhill, Surrey, has seven meeting room environments fitted out with ClickShare units, from boardrooms and training facilities to meeting rooms and huddle spaces. Barco ClickShare’s flagship CS-800 product has been deployed in the office’s main boardroom, its training centre and its team room, allowing up to eight users in each space to effortlessly deliver presentations and use touchscreen technology to directly annotate shared content. The CSE-800 systems that are being used in many of PSA Finance’s larger meeting rooms are eradicating the use of paper whiteboards, as presenters can now directly annotate documents using the touchscreen in the meeting room and share the annotated versions with all attendees.

Overwhelmingly positive response
Alex Mayor, PSA Finance’s Technical Services Manager who led the project, says the ClickShare deployment has already had a marked impact on the company – significantly improving the efficiency and productivity of meetings and has been extremely well received by the teams using the technology.
“The response from our teams has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Alex. “Employees have commented not just on the simplicity of the technology, but on how it’s changed the meeting culture at PSA Finance. Teams are now having the right meeting in the right environment, making them far more efficient and effective.”

For the IT department, ClickShare has hugely improved PSA Finance’s productivity. The IT department used to see 15-20 tickets created a month purely to solve meeting room tech issues. This is now down to one or two a month. This has freed the IT department up to focus on more strategic, value-adding activities.

PSA Finance has now deployed ClickShare at many of its international offices and every employee is set up to be able to use the technology immediately in any location – streamlining collaboration and information when employees travel around the network.

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  • More interactivity and collaboration
  • In all types of meeting rooms: from huddle space to boardroom
  • Ease of use, cable and hassle free
  • No training for employees
  • Drastically reduces IT tickets

Employees have increased confidence and relevant skills to get up, deliver, present and work more collaboratively

Rachel Harrison-Ball
Training manager at PSA Finance