Barco video wall selected for Rice University advanced visual integration

Houston, Texas, US - 2012

To allow its scientist to transform detailed data into 3D imagery, Rice University has teamed up with AVI-SPL, the leading provider of audio video communications solutions, to develop a visualization wall at Rice’s Chevron Visualization Laboratory.

At the forefront of this visualization solution is Barco’s OLS-521 3D stereoscopic video wall displaying data generated by Rice's first 3D visualization project, the Data Analysis and Visualization Cyber-Infrastructure for Computational Science and Engineering Applications (DAVinCI).

As part of a $3 million grant from the National Science Foundation, Rice University is installing a powerful new high-performance computer system that will also feature DAVinCI, fulfilling the University’s need for data analysis, interpretation and visualization. Employing user-friendly imaging products, such as those from visualization pioneer Barco, AVI-SPL and Rice University jointly designed an economical workstation solution to mirror the new visualization wall data that exists within DAVinCI.

"The relative cost for generating data is approaching zero, and as a result many laboratories are practically drowning in data," said Jan Odegard, executive director of Rice’s Ken Kennedy Institute for Information Technology. "Our ability to extract useful information and knowledge from data is increasingly limited by our ability to effectively manipulate, move, manage and visualize data."

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