American Bible Society

New York, New York, US - 2014

American Bible Society has been engaging people with the Bible’s message for nearly 200 years. With three high schools and the New York Institute of Technology just steps away, the organization recognized an opportunity to engage a new generation of followers with HD quality infotainment in an urban lounge setting.

“We really wanted to create a cool, hip urban space that was all about the Bible yet geared toward the City’s youth, so we knew we had to make it technology driven,” comments Matt Steinruck, Director of Arts & Media Bible Advocacy for American Bible Society. “When we began the design process, our goal was to create a warm, welcoming space that presented the Bible in a subtle way. Of course, it had to be technology-driven to meet the media-savvy needs of young as well as mature audiences.

Working closely with production and event management company Velocity Productions, Barco outfitted the newly redesigned atrium and gathering spots with its near-seamless LCD video walls to present spiritual imagery and videos, live media streaming, and signage for upcoming events and services. A total of 22 OverView NSL-4621 LCD tiles were configured into numerous video walls featuring several different palettes of content. A stunning four-by-two tiled video wall comprised of eight 46-inch Barco LCDs is the primary focal point of the Atrium’s new interior. Along 61st Street, six pairs of monitors show the same content outside as inside to attract passersby.

Photos by Drew Hood

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