F50 projectors empower VI-grade's driving simulator

Tavagnacco, IT - 2015

Barco F50 projectors empower top-notch driving simulator

More than ever, the automotive industry is faced with loads of challenges – from faster time-to- market and tight budgets through to ever-higher customer demands. Driving simulators are a great way to help car manufacturers streamline the development process, reduce expensive proving ground tests and get feedback from test drivers early in the design process. VI-DriveSim by VI-grade, a leading provider of simulation software and services, is an exceptional driving simulator. Compact and much less expensive than most other simulators on the market, VI-DriveSim embraces loads of high-end tools, including three Barco F50 WUXGA projectors!

Realistic environment

“VI-DriveSim is based on the idea that it’s key to introduce the human at an early stage of the car development process. As such, it allows carmakers to test virtual vehicle missions with a real driver, who can get a "feeling" of the car behavior by driving a highly accurate digital surrogate in a realistic reconstructed environment,” explains Diego Minen, Technical Director at VI-grade.

Static or dynamic

How it works? In fact, VI-DriveSim is available in two different configurations: static and dynamic. In the static configuration, users drive a virtual vehicle model based on VI-CarRealTime, visualizing vehicle behavior on a wide screen while sitting on a fixed cockpit. The dynamic configuration provides motion feedback to the driver thanks to an innovative nine-degrees-of-freedom moving platform – Driver in Motion (DiM) – with reduced overall dimensions and large travels.

As realistic as possible

Barco’s F50 projectors are just the perfect fit to simulate the environment as realistic as possible. “The Barco F50 is unique in that it’s a single-chip DLP® projector that combines an exceptional resolution with active 3D stereo and high frame rates. It delivers razor-sharp images with vivid colors and rich contrast. And yet it’s small and compact, which was a must for our solution,” Minen continues. “On top of that, the projector is reliable and ensures a low total cost of ownership. We couldn't think of a better solution to power our flagship VI-DriveSim solution!”

Barco solution

  • F50 projectors

Why Barco?

  • Exceptional resolution
  • Active 3D stereo and high frame rates
  • Compactness
  • Reliability
  • Low TCO
We couldn't think of a better solution to power our flagship VI-DriveSim solution!

Diego Minen

Technical Director at VI-grade

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