Barco projects onto 'paper sheets' backdrop at Nobel Peace Prize Concert

Oslo, NO - 2016

Barco solution

  • HDX-W20 FLEX projector
  • E2 screen management system
  • RLM-W8 projector

Why Barco?

  • Light output
Can Barco project onto a backdrop of “paper sheets”? Sure it can!

Each December, performers from around the world travel to Oslo to pay tribute to the year’s Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, during the Nobel Peace Prize Concert. Like every year, the 2015 edition of the concert – the first one ever streamed live on YouTube – was a virtual melting pot of melodies, ranging in genre from classical to rap. And just like in previous years, Barco had the honor of providing hi-tech projection to enlighten the event. 


3,500 “A3 sheets of paper”
After using the same venue and stage design for several years, the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize Concert was a totally different spectacle, organized at Oslo’s Telenor Arena. Barco’s challenge: project images/video mapping onto a creative backdrop made of 3,500 pieces of plywood the size of A3 sheets of paper. Rental partner Bright delivered a very powerful projector set-up: 18 HDX-W20 – stacked – and four RLM-W8 projectors, powered by Barco’s E2 screen management system. Together, they ensured an impressive 390,000 ANSI lumen light output; more than enough to amaze the thousands of music lovers that attended the concert.

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