Chiba Kaihin Municipal Hospital: boosting efficiency and effectiveness with all-Barco diagnostic solutions

Chiba, JP - 2017

With the mission tagline “a safe, heartwarming hospital for citizens, elected by citizens”, the Chiba Kaihin Municipal Hospital of Chiba, Japan stands for quality. A mainstay in the community since it was built in 1984, the hospital employs 443 doctors, nurses, radiologists and other staff who rely on the best medical technologies to provide care across a wide range of medical applications. Recognizing Barco’s front-running position in medical diagnostic displays, Chiba Kaihin decided to go ‘all-Barco’ in May 2016 with an order of no fewer than 134 Barco diagnostic display systems.

Barco solution:

  • Coronis Uniti
  • Nio Color 3MP LED
  • Eonis 21”
  • MDRC-1119
  • MXRT-4500
  • MXRT-2500

Why Barco :

  • workflow improvements
  • better diagnostics
  • image quality for breast diagnostics
  • unbelievable resolution and living color

Earlier in 2016, Chiba Kaihin Municipal Hospital made the decision to invest in the best diagnostic display technology available, choosing Barco as its sole provider of hospital-wide solutions for clinical, diagnostic and mammography applications. It joins the ranks of hospitals and clinics around the world who rely on cutting-edge Barco products such as the new Coronis Uniti for better diagnostics and unprecedented improvements in processes and workflows.


Significant workflow improvements with Coronis Uniti

Barco’s local partner Fujitsu convinced Chiba Kaihin Hospital of the importance of high-quality displays – not just for better imaging and more accurate diagnoses, but to enable the single-screen display of vital data, video, imaging and more, for smoother processes, more ergonomic reading and operating rooms and more efficient workflows. The municipal hospital invested in the first Uniti units to be deployed in Chiba, which are capable of displaying breast imaging, PACS, endoscopy and echocardiogram feeds at a glance.

“We’re proud to to bring Barco's Coronis Uniti to the hospital, and to Chiba prefecture for the first time. Chiba Kaihin is a great example of how new technologies – like Uniti and our latest EMR system – can add real value to all aspects of healthcare.” Said Dr. Masayuki Shiobara, Department of breast surgery, Chiba Kaihin Hospital.

“Our investment in Barco Coronis Uniti has had major positive results. We diagnose more efficiently, accurately and confidently, and we save a lot of time and energy through greatly improved workflows,” says Mr. Takashi Takagi, radiographer at Division of Radiology, Chiba Kaihin Hospital.

Approved by Japanese quality assurance authorities

In addition to Coronis Uniti displays, Chiba Kaihin also purchased multiple Nio Color 3MP LED dual head displays, Eonis 21” displays, and MDRC-1119 clinical displays, along with multiple MXRT-4500 and MXRT-2500 display cards – completely replacing all previous diagnostic imaging technology in the whole hospital.

Apart from Barco’s industry-wide reputation for high-quality and extremely reliable displays, Coronis Uniti in particular has been approved by the Japanese Central Organization on Quality Assurance of Breast Cancer Screening – an external seal of approval that highlights the value of this cutting-edge technology to diagnostics and healthcare outcomes. “We specifically chose Corinis Uniti for breast diagnostics because of the approval.  Coronis Uniti is perfect for breast diagnostics with its high image quality and unbelievable resolution – and it’s in living color.” enthuses Mr. Takagi.


“We’re proud to bring Barco's Coronis Uniti to the hospital, and to Chiba prefecture for the first time."

Dr. Masayuki Shiobara

Department of Breast Surgery, Chiba Kaihim Municiple Hospital

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