The oldest university in the Netherlands relies on the latest projection technology: Barco’s F90 projectors

Leiden, NL - 2017

Throughout its 400-year history, Leiden University – the oldest university in the Netherlands – had been leading the way in the Dutch academic landscape. While it nurtures its rich history and heritage, the university also invests big in high-level courses, advanced research and top-notch education facilities, both in Leiden and in the city of The Hague. Here, in the ‘international city of peace’, Leiden University proudly inaugurated the 14,000m² Wijnhaven building in 2017. Barco F90 projectors and our ClickShare collaboration solution help to make the lectures for the university students as interactive as possible.

Barco solution

  • F90 projectors
  • ClickShare 

Why Barco? 

  • Image quality 
  • Ease of use
  • Low TCO
Ensuring extraordinary ease-of-use
“Before choosing new AV solutions for the Wijnhaven campus, we sat around the table with a series of end users to define the specs,” explains Ronald Grootveld, project leader at Leiden University. “Together, we set forth a series of criteria: the solutions had to be high-quality, of course. Yet, ease-of-use and look and feel were important, too, as were energy-efficiency, reliability and low total cost of ownership.” Ronald admits that he had not immediately considered Barco solutions: “I knew of Barco as a provider of high-quality but expensive visualization solutions. Testing the F90 laser phosphor projector proved me wrong.”

High image quality, competitive price and low noise

Ronald: “The F90 ensures excellent image quality and clearly stood out from other projectors in terms of price and noise levels.” Leiden University purchased six F90 projectors, which MK2 set up in lecture halls at the brand-new Wijnhaven building in The Hague and the Gorlaeus building in Leiden. To ensure ultra-bright images from every angle in the auditoriums (300, 550 and 700 seats), two F90 units were installed per auditorium.

Fostering flexibility and cooperation

As flexibility and cooperation were key in the design of the new Wijnhaven building, several collaboration rooms also feature our ClickShare system – much to everyone’s satisfaction. Ronald: “Everyone is delighted with our choice of Barco. ClickShare is surprisingly easy to use and fosters collaboration. The F90 laser phosphor projectors, for their part, help us ensure excellent images and reliability in our larger auditoriums, at a very competitive total cost of ownership.”

The F90 laser phosphor projectors help us ensure excellent images and reliability in our larger auditoriums.

Ronald Grootveld

project leader at Leiden University

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