Barco UniSee wows visitors at Panda CEC Experience Center

Chengdu, CN - 2018

Panda China Electric Corporation (CEC), a subsidiary of the largest state owned IT enterprise in China, has chosen Barco to improve its production area’s corporate experience center. Located in Chengdu, this site highlights and demonstrates Panda CEC’s key LCD panel products and technology for esteemed visitors including the Xi Jinping, the President of People’s Republic of China, as well as other government and diplomatic visitors. With this first installation of Barco UniSee in China, Barco clearly confirms its ‘China for China’ strategy.


  • 2x4 Barco UniSee
  • Sliding mechanical structure designed by Barco Chine specifically for the parameters of this project


  • Barco UniSee LCD video wall combined with 5x projectors for seamless and immersive viewing effect
  • Sliding structure can be automatically or manually controlled for additional easy of installation and maintenance
Increased welcome feeling for visitors thanks to improved viewing experience in customer experience area

By installing a 2x4 Barco UniSee video wall, Panda CEC could extend the center view option which is built with 5 projectors for offering a broader view. To merge the projection solutions with Barco UniSee, no visible space on the borders was allowed. This was achieved by creating a sliding mechanical structure to make the 2x4 slide backwards to change the LCM panel. The combination of the production view with Barco UniSee enlarges the viewing experience and emphasizes the center key image effect, with regards to color performance, contrast, brightness, resolution and more.

Large screen visualization helps to build corporate branding and to reinforce Panda CEC’s leadership position in the Chinese IT enterprise market

“Panda CEC has the goal of being the number one supplier in the Chinese control room and virtual reality market. To achieve this success, we must impress our visitors and position ourselves as technology leader. How we actually tell our story contributes to the overall impression we want our investors and visitors to have. So telling our story well and support it with the latest technologies available in the market is key. By incorporating a 2x4 Barco UniSee video wall into our customer experience center, our storytelling has become even more impactful,” stated Mr. Kuanyi CHEN, General Manager of CEC-Panda.

“Barco is excited to provide Panda CEC with its first Barco UniSee LCD video wall. Our completely re-designed video wall platform is a leap forward and a real game changer when it comes to image quality, reliability, installation time and servicing. This should help Panda CEC to confirm its leadership position in the industry,” says Forrest Liu, General Manager of Barco-CEC.

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“Barco UniSee provides best value for money in terms of resolution, color and contrast for visuals and this makes choosing Barco as our partner for this project an obvious choice.”

Mr. Kuanyi CHEN, General Manager of CEC-Panda.

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