Barco's ODL RGB laser technology keeps Korea’s traffic running smoothly

Se-jong-si, KR - 2018

Barco solution

  • RGB laser ODL-721
  • ClickShare CSC-1

Why Barco ?

  • Helps your system run smoothly 
  • Provides superior quality
  • Optimizes management and information processing
  • Reduces power consumption 

Korea’s National Transport Information Center keeps traffic on the roads running smoothly. Thanks to the world-class smart traffic system, ITS, vehicles cruise to their destinations along Korean roads with ease. ITS combines high technology and information to scientifically manage the many transport systems and traffic facilities. Maximizing road safety and efficiency keeps the people of Korea moving quickly as the economy grows and prospers.

Better monitoring means a more efficient system

Korea’s busy roads bustle with more cars than ever before and more unexpected situations arise that need quick responses. ITS National Transport Information Center is at the highest level of authority in the transport public sector. Upgrading to the best monitoring solution in the business was a must. That’s why a Barco RGB laser ODL-721 video wall in 6x2 dimention was selected and installed at ITS. .

A solution for more efficient management

The Barco RGB laser ODL-721 video wall uses laser technology to provide a superior quality color display that’s two times brighter than mainstream LED-lit video walls. All information required to efficiently manage the intelligent transport system can be viewed in the main control room. Barco's solution achieved all this at a reduced power consumption which is truly supporting companies who have sustainability charters or actively address the green aspect in their operations.

Barco also installed ClickShare CSC-1 in the meeting room next to the control room. This technology allows presentations and collaborations that help to optimize management and information processing—sharing on the main screen can be performed wirelessly with, quite literally, the push of a button. Easy communication is paramount to smooth operations and this solution from Barco helps things run smoothly at the Sejong Government Complex.  

Clear roads and a clear view of the future

The National Transport Information Center is now operating with more efficiency than ever before. Korea is continuing to enjoy the smooth flow of traffic on its roads. Korea’s world-class ITS technology is being maximized thanks to the Barco installations. Korea is the global leader in traffic management systems and as those systems continue to evolve, Barco looks forward to supplying the high-quality technical solutions they need to keep the systems running optimally.

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