Barco’s Coronis Uniti delivers a ‘wow’ experience at Picture This by Jankharia

Mumbai, IN - 2018

Picture This by Jankharia is India's premier radiology and imaging center with a vision of providing quality healthcare across the country. It is one of the first private radiology practices in Mumbai and is known for its early adoption of new imaging technologies.


  • Eliminates the need for multiple display configurations
  • Incredibly detailed images
  • Exceptional reduction in eye strain and fatigue


When imaging specialists Picture This by Jankharia were looking to upgrade their display solution, they decided to overhaul the entire system. Being technology pioneers in radiology, they forewent the analog and computer radiography systems that were the gold standard in India. They were looking to install a full-field digital mammography system instead. The advanced machine generates such incredibly detailed images, that Bijal Jankharia, a breast imaging specialist at Picture This by Jankharia, realized they needed a unique medical diagnostic display solution that would meet the complex needs of their practice.


One thing that the radiologists wanted to avoid is the need to move from workstation to workstation to view additional images, with a range of PACS and breast imaging modalities on one display. A simpler workflow was also high on the agenda.


This is when Barco introduced Jankharia to the Coronis Uniti 12MP. The Coronis Uniti means the radiologists at Picture This by Jankharia no longer need to move from workstation to workstation to view additional images; it has been cleared for full-field digital mammography, breast tomosynthesis, viewing of synthesized 2D and Insight 3D breast images, breast ultrasounds, breast MRIs and PACS – eliminating the need for multiple display configurations or a multi-head display set-up. Furthermore, it’s the only display explicitly designed for all breast-imaging modalities, with a unique representation of calibrated color and grayscale in 2D or 3D images.  In short, it offers all that Picture This by Jankharia could have asked for to reinvent their reading room.


“Everything is displayed on the big, Barco Coronis Uniti 12-megapixel monitor – all the patient information, the multi-modality images with fantastic resolution, windowing, etc. – with superior sharpness and precision,” says Bijal Jankharia. “Incredibly high-quality images and advanced intuitive workflow tools like V-viewing, SpotView and auto-adjusted brightness make the Coronis Uniti an unmatched experience. This hasn’t just increased the diagnostic accuracy of our full-field digital mammography images, but also increased productivity by speeding up my reading sessions and simplifying control and management of the display network, along with an exceptional reduction in eye strain and fatigue. It’s made a difference to us as a business and to the quality of service we deliver.”

“We were the first in the country to invest in the Coronis Uniti and this investment in an all-in-one multimodality display replaced a number of dedicated displays,” she explains. “It’s been a ‘wow’ experience from the very beginning.”

Barco Coronis Uniti is a high-resolution viewing monitor that gives output that is far superior to the regular analog or CR-based mammograms.

Bijal Jankharia

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