Barco ClickShare was our only choice to transform our meeting rooms into “stress-free zones”, says Sheela Foam Ltd.

Noida, India - 2018

For a company who makes it their priority to provide comfort and convenience to their customers, it is no surprise that Sheela Foam was looking for the same convenience in their meeting rooms.

Key benefits:

  • Working smarter and more efficiently 
  • Agnostic, wireless video conferencing 

A multi-billion rupee leader in polyurethane foam, Sheela Group has been in the business of manufacturing since 1971, offering mattresses and comfort accessories under its flagship brand Sleepwell. Its global marketing perspective required the company to have a presentation system that supports any device without the hassle of worrying about compatibility or connectivity.   

Naturally, they contacted Barco to transform their meeting rooms into ‘stress-free zones’ and Barco delivered.

Prior to purchasing ClickShare a year ago, Sleepwell meetings involved working with different devices that supported different output ports, so every multi-device presentation required the corresponding matching hardware. 

“Earlier, in 90% of our meetings, the presenters were faced with a challenge of projecting their content on the screen which meant a higher rate of IT tickets. We are glad that Barco foresaw this pain of people and addressed with an easy to use, maintenance free and self-starter solution – ClickShare. We have 9 more factories and we will definitely look at installing ClickShare at those locations too,” said Pertisth Mankotia, Chief Information Officer, Sheela Foam.

Another selling feature of the ClickShare system was that it was so simple and easy to install. It could be used without IT support, software, or training. Everything worked with the tap of a button so there was nothing to figure out. ClickShare, they said, was the company’s only choice.  

Gone are the days of troubleshooting and waiting for downloads. It’s so easy; you could do it in your sleep. Sleepwell should know.

We are glad that Barco addressed with an easy to use, maintenance free and self-starter solution – ClickShare.

Pertisth Mankotia

Chief Information Officer

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