20 sie 2023

360° experiential theater delights with visual feast

Beijing, CN - 2023

Presenting a groundbreaking achievement in China's entertainment landscape, the Orange Sky Golden Harvest Theater is now hosting "Faith," the nation's inaugural 360° panoramic sensory production. This trailblazing performance introduces an ingenious blend of AI-generated visuals and live-action theater on a dynamic 360° rotating circular stage. By transcending the conventional boundaries of time and space, "Faith" delivers an immersive and disruptive theatrical encounter for its audience. The use of Barco G100 series projectors guarantee a vibrant display, illuminating the stage with captivating hues and shades to craft an encompassing panoramic journey.

Barco solutions:

  • 60 x Barco G100

Key benefits:

  • With a luminance of up to 22,000 lumens, the G100 creates brilliantly vivid imagery even amidst dynamic motion and intricate lighting setups
  • The G100 series maintains excellent consistency, ensuring luminance and color uniformity even when multiple projectors are used simultaneously
  • Barco's exclusive PToolset software easily blends the projector's visuals into a seamless, high-definition, gap-free ultra-large complete image with enhanced luminance.
  • The G100 series offers versatile 360° installation angles, making it suitable for both ground-level vertical projection on the and wall-fitted inclined projection.
  • Barco's partners and distributors bring extensive expertise to this realm


    Debuting at the Suzhou Orange Sky Golden Harvest 360 Theater, the show "Faith" harmoniously merges cutting-edge visuals and special effects, breaking the boundaries of the traditional stage into an immersive fusion of reality and illusion. Leveraging projection technology, the show "Faith" artfully blends expansive screens, high-definition broadcasting technology, and stage performance content. This synthesis of technology and art allows the audience to transcend time and space, immersing them in historical scenes as active participants.

    The two performance halls in the Suzhou Orange Sky Golden Harvest 360 Theater have employed 60 Barco G100 series projectors in total, providing stable high-luminance output, easy image calibration, and seamless integration of multiple projectors, culminating in an all-encompassing immersive viewing experience.


    The immersive projection effects of the 360 Theater necessitate multiple G100 series projectors, with a primary focus on eliminating unstable transitions in overlapping projection areas. 

    The 360° modern experiential theater, unique to China, features a rotating auditorium and a revolving stage, which provides captivating performance effects, but also poses installation challenges for the projection equipment. Additionally, as the projection equipment needs to operate for long hours, its functional state directly impacts the overall performance effect of the theater.


    Barco's exclusive PToolset software easily blends the projector's visuals into a flawless, high-definition, gap-free large-scale image with heightened brightness. The theater can conveniently calibrate stage color, integrate multiple projectors, and transform images, enabling swift multi-channel set-ups for more natural and seamless blended image quality.

    The G100 series offers the 360° flexible installation at any angle, making it suitable for both vertical projection on the ground and inclined wall projection. Moreover, thanks to the extensive experience of Barco's partner, Zhejiang Mingtong Technology Co., Ltd., alongside distributor Beijing Huizhi Lingyun Data Technology Co., Ltd., from initial deployment to stress testing, three years of collaborative effort culminated in the awe-inspiring live performance effects witnessed today in the show.

    The Barco G100 series boasts a robust casing with efficient heat dissipation, enhanced by an advanced cooling system that enables over 20,000 hours of operation without the requiring light source replacement. Thanks to its professional quality and Barco's distinct laser light source ensure impeccable projection content, even during the stage’s 360° rotation., The G100's lens remains firmly in place, ensuring flawless projection content in front of the audience's eyes. Furthermore, the Barco G100 features the benefit of low noise, operating at a mere sound level of 36dB-42dB, providing the audience with a comfortable viewing environment.


    Powered by Barco projection technology and the innovation of a 360° panoramic stage, China’s first panoramic theater production, "Faith", achieves a flawless presentation, offering the audience an unprecedented immersive sensory experience, leaving them marveled by the remarkable performance!

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