Barco's projection VR system (Cave) enables advanced utilization of design data and accelerates digital transformation

Japan - 2023

Kawada Techno System Co., Ltd. develops and sells information sharing systems, CAD and management system for construction design and design support. They also provide analyses, designs, and drafts of structures such as bridges using CAD and provides consulting services.

Barco solutions:

  • Cave system
  • Projector F80-Q7 x 3
  • Screen 3.2 x 2m (front/left, rear projection), 3.2 x 2m (floor, front projection)

Key benefits:

  • High definition
  • High brightness
  • Long life laser light source



The management’s vision is to contribute to society by focusing on sustainability (climate change), social issues (declining working population and preservation of social infrastructure), and social demands (improving Quality of Life). At its core in their vision is technology and science. 

Kawada Techno System believes that information technology is not just a business element, but an important part of realizing future business opportunities by embodying their creativity and originality into products and services.




In the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) industry, the use of DX (digital transformation) is progressing - falling behind the speed of technological innovation is a big risk and how to respond to the latest information technology is an important management consideration. By doing this, Kawada Techno System can develop various simulation systems to allow quick response to future customer needs.


Solution and results


The construction of DX infrastructure is in place through digitization and digitalization, bringing collaboration of the use of data and technology closely.

To allow a convincing virtual experience, Barco’s Projection VR (CAVE) system was delivered at the Kawada Techno System’s new office location. The DX room was opened to customers in the summer of 2022 to provide a new immersive experience combining design and reality of the site in a virtual space.

The system was introduced to represent information of 3D models of their software and fluid simulation as well as to promote DX of BIM / CIM models. Since design data and analysis data can be obtained in full size in advance, it is possible to extract and improve problems that may occur on the actual site in advance, and it can also be used for presentations of design data to customers. 

A cave display is a multi-sided immersive environment that offers great levels of immersion. Contrary to Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs), caves foster collaboration. Because multiple people have access to the same 3D image in the same space (so not in a personal virtual environment), it’s a lot easier to communicate and collaborate.  

Kawada Techno System’s 3D CAVE Projection System consists of 3 screens (measuring 3.2m x 2m each) and 3 projector models F80-Q7, 2560x1600 pixels. Combining this with tracking and active shutter glasses, it allows for customers to feel the realistic presence and atmosphere that can only be experienced locally through stereoscopic images projected using VR technology. In addition, by using an ultra-short throw single-focal length lens, installation in a small space is realized.

Barco’s Projection VR System is the perfect solution to drive our digital transformation infrastructure.

Mr. Katsushi Kudo

Director, Kawada Techno System CO., Ltd.

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