Barco UDX projectors illuminate Asian premier sports gala with Eastern splendor

Beijing, China - 2023

From September to October, the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium served as the grand stage for the Asian Games. During the opening and closing ceremonies, Barco UDX projectors, fixed on the iconic pillars of Hangzhou's Huanglong Sports Center Stadium, enhance the excitement of the intense competitions with captivating visuals as they reveal a splendor of Eastern aesthetics, seamlessly blending nature and technology while infusing it with human emotions. 

Barco Solutions

  • UDX-W40
  • UDX‑4K40 FLEX

Key Benefits

  • A remarkable 40,000 lumens
  • The industry's most extensive color spectrum
  • Native 4K UHD resolution
  • Compact design with multiple mounting angles
  • A professional installation team



During the closing ceremony of this Asian premier sports gala, eighty-four Barco UDXs project expansive visuals onto the stage floor of the stadium, creating a variety of visual effects and atmospheres that elevate the appeal and emotional resonance. Twenty-four additional UDX-W40 high-brightness laser projectors are installed permanently at Hangzhou's Huanglong Sports Center Stadium to cast thematic visuals.




Ensuring consistent luminance across the expansive 110m x 70m stage area and avoiding any "near-bright, far-dim" discrepancies presented a significant challenge. Achieving meticulous, point-to-point projection detailing and accurate color reproduction was equally demanding. What’s more the installation and commissioning of this project began at the end of May, coinciding with Hangzhou's typhoon season, yet it was vital to guarantee stable operation, even in the face of extreme weather conditions.



In response to these challenges, Barco configured 42 sets of 40,000-lumen laser projectors in both the front-light and back-light zones, each with three layers of superimposition. This approach provided complete coverage of the 110m x 70m area and harmonized brightness on both sides, ensuring a uniform overall image luminance.

Barco’s UDX series projectors, which boast the broadest color spectrum in the industry, surpassing the Rec.709 color gamut standard, enabled precise rendering of hues such as Glowing Red, Laurus Yellow, Lake-and-Mountain Green, Glimmering Blue, and more. Furthermore, the compact design of the Barco UDX-4K40 FLEX allowed for a smaller footprint compared to projectors of equivalent luminance, facilitating versatile multi-angle installations. The modular design allows for swift on-site module replacement by trained technicians in the event of any malfunctions.



The Barco UDX projectors met the exacting standards and exceeded expectations for the visual presentation at the closing ceremony. At this globally anticipated closing ceremony, where elements like the coexistence of lotus and laurel, the floral parade, and moments of ascending blossoms, Barco UDX series projectors unveil a splendor of Eastern aesthetics, creating a cherished "Hangzhou sports memory" for all.

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