Traffic management center keeps 335,000 vehicles moving 24/7 at the Frankfurter Kreuz interchange

Frankfurt, DE - 2020

Hessen is a German state, best known for the city of Frankfurt am Main – Germany’s financial center. Thanks to its central location within Europe, Hessen is one of the most important transport hubs on the continent, with over 335,000 vehicles passing through the Frankfurter Kreuz interchange every single day. For the past ten years, Hessen Mobil has been relying on a traffic management center to avoid bottlenecks – allowing the available road space to be used more effectively, safely, and sustainably.

Barco solutions:

  • 13 x 3 Barco UniSee LCD video wall
  • Barco TransForm N

State of the art traffic management
From its new control room at the House of Logistics and Mobility (HOLM), right by the Frankfurter Kreuz, the Hessen Traffic Center guides traffic over no less than 2,000 km of highway (1,243 miles). The center can use 36 signaling systems to indicate alternative routes in real time in case of disruptions, or temporarily open emergency lanes to significantly increase the capacity of certain stretches of highway during rush hour – particularly in the Rhine-Main area. Dynamic route control systems were also set up along 270 km of road (168 miles), to steady the flow of traffic, prevent jams, and forewarn drivers about critical situations, such as accidents and special weather conditions.

Barco UniSee at the visualization heart of the center 
A 32 m² (344 ft²) Barco UniSee LCD video wall provides a continuous, comprehensive, bezel-less overview that is clearly visible from each workstation. Partner AVS Systems GmbH, installed the 39 Barco UniSee LCD panels in an impressive 13 columns x 3 rows configuration to create a large uniform video wall with a resolution of over 80 megapixels, seamlessly displaying video and data across the entire canvas.

Connecting the media management dots with Barco TransForm N
Working 24/7 at 10 workstations within the control room, the staff at the Hessen Traffic Center manages the complex workings of all these technical systems. They also coordinate the work of the field personnel, including that of construction and maintenance teams. Barco’s TransForm N secures the collection and distribution of all media sources to all the workstations, as well as to the Barco UniSee LCD video wall.
Vertiv Integrated Systems GmbH handled the installation of the entire control room, including building the structure for the Barco UniSee video wall.
"A 32m² (344 ft²) video wall in the control room, gives a bezel-less and comprehensive overview of the traffic situation around the clock."

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