Barco’s first Projector Management Suite project in China landed at Zhuhai Grand Theater

Zhuhai, CN - 2021

As the night falls, 34 Barco UDX laser projectors create a splendid visual experience on the facade of the Sun Moon Shells, a landmark architecture in Zhuhai. The installation was recently upgraded with Barco's Projector Management Suite, becoming Barco’s first IoT projectors in China.

Why Barco:

  • Access the IoT platform with any connected device
  • Monitor, diagnose, and manage assets anywhere and anytime
  • Runtime Big Data for convenient diagnosis
  • Secured information and data communication
Remote and real-time monitoring

Since its debut in 2019, the projection light show on the exterior wall of the opera house, Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the New China, has become a shining example for other cities across China. The 34 projectors are installed in the four outdoor machine rooms surrounding the theater. Although there are environment monitoring systems in place for the machine rooms, monitoring of the projector performances was only possible in the central control room which is located far away from the equipment. On-site staffing and asset maintenance are affected by the long distance between buildings, LAN control, etc. Therefore, it is challenging to meet client demands, such as fast response, real-time feedback, and efficient patrolling.

In 2021, all Barco UDX projectors in the project were upgraded with better functionalities. Barco Projector Management Suite software is specifically designed to assist remote asset management. It features efficiency and convenience, easy-of-use, and agility, as well as secured communication. With an Internet-enabled device, be it a laptop, mobile phone, or tablet, users can link to the IoT platform anywhere and anytime, to monitor, diagnose, and manage the equipment. With the Barco Projector Management Suite solution, data from each projector is automatically synchronized to the cloud. It allows project teams and engineers in different cities, even in another country, to conveniently check equipment runtime status for diagnosis, and it spares them the trouble of being physically present in the central control room.

In addition, remote diagnosis and coordination are made possible by real-time project monitoring and information-sharing among team members at various levels, ensuring stable operations at all levels and aspects. Besides, user information and data are highly secured, as Barco’s Management Suite strictly abides by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Regulation on Data Protection of the People's Republic of China.

Worry-free operation and pain point-targeted maintenance

Thanks to the cloud-based solution Project managers and engineers can easily access current and historic runtime and environment data and make a preventive diagnosis. For instance, when the Management Suite detects an operation temperature of projectors that rises and remains above 40 degrees Celsius, the system will notify the project engineers to check the machine room environment and carry out proactive equipment troubleshooting. Or if there is a projector glitch, engineers can trace the root cause via historical data on the Cloud, make a timely judgment, and efficiently resolve the issue.

Thanks to advanced IoT technologies, Barco Projector Management Suite guarantees the best performance of the UDX installation.

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