7 wrz 2012

Barco introduces new series of cost-effective LED displays

LED - PREMIERA PRODUKTU Czas wymagany na przeczytanie: 1 min

Barco LiveDots has recently launched a new, budget-friendly family of LED displays designed for branding, advertisement and sports applications. The brand-new V-series consists of two models: the V6 – a 6mm indoor SMD LED display – and the V10 – a 10mm outdoor SMD LED display.


Black package LEDs for high contrast
The V6 is a tile-based indoor LED display equipped with 6mm pixel pitch SMD LEDs. It features the latest indoor LED technology with black package LEDs and offers very dark black levels with an extremely high contrast compared to other products in its class. Its very wide viewing angle is another unique characteristic that makes the V6 excel in image quality.

Ideally suited for outdoor use
The second new product, the V10, is a 10mm pixel pitch LED display designed for outdoor use. Just like all other Barco outdoor LED displays, it has successfully passed Barco’s extensive outdoor testing program which exceeds standard IP rating tests. Thanks to its modular design, the V10 can easily be integrated. It also features a unique mechanical design, which improves the contrast levels and contrast/brightness ratio.

Curious about the brand-new V-series?
Come and see them at Sign2Com, from 9 to 11 September 2012 in Kortrijk, Belgium.